Consistently Accurate Final Fitting Results

 “When I step in the room to fit a patient with one of Elite’s products, I can be assured of a proper fit and function.  For over 8 years, Elite Orthotics has proven to be a great asset to National Rehab and to our patients.”
                                                                                    M. Craig Edmunds CO, BOCO
                                                                                                            Clinical Director
                                                                                                            National Rehab

 Companies working together with Elite Orthotics…Produce Consistent Results!

  • Consistent Successful Fitting Results…Outstanding 99.9% Successful Fit Rate
  • Satisfied patients……more comfortable, faster fit
  • Minimize non-billable re-visits for adjustments… INSTANT SUCCESS!
  • Decrease Clinical Time Spent with each patient…by up to 50%
  • Increase Revenue….by increased time for more patient visits
  • Maximize Efficiency of Clinical Staff…Improve Productivity
  • Reduce Frustration and Stress…Increase Morale, Happier Workplace
  • Eliminate costly re-do’s… Save from rescheduling and non-billable second appointments

We provide the clinician with the Proven Confidence at Time of Fitting, alleviating the stress and excuses of a poor fitting product.

To discuss how we can help you achieve consistent and accurate solutions for your business, contact an Elite Outsource Specialist at 1-877-922-8225 or

Accurate Braces …….. Precision Fit …….. Successful Results